About VFS Legal

VFS Legal has been providing funding solutions to UK law firms for over 8 years, during which time we have funded aproaching £150 million across more than 25,000 cases. Our products increase a law firm’s financial resources, releasing cash locked up in disbursements and WIP. Funds can be used for any purpose and our regulatory compliant documentation, low interest-only payments and repayment aligned to the individual case all ensure a smooth cash flow. This gives the law firm certainty and the financial resources it needs to build the business today, not tomorrow. By increasing the law firm’s financial muscle this affords you the time, and opportunity, to position the law firm and drive profitability. Benefits to the firm can include accelerated case acquisition & replacement of expensive short term VAT/Tax funding, or simply enabling the firm to maximise cost negotiations by not having to accept ‘low-ball’ offers which directly impact the bottom line, wiping out profits.

VFS Legal are a key commercial partner of the firm. We consider ourselves to be innovative, flexible and unique and we are fortunate to work so closely with an organisation which share those values. VFS Legal have assisted us greatly in many ways. We utilise their cost advance services, which are slick, swift and easy to administer.

VFS has an innovative approach to structuring funding solutions for our clients. We have an experienced team of people including 3 lawyers which, combined with concrete investment, ensures we are ideally placed to deliver funding to our clients in line with their own growth and cash requirements.

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VFS Legal offers a range of innovative funding options for law firms to release cash flow tied up in costs and disbursements. Find out more about our products here:

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